What Can it Be About This Time?

Sometimes I have trouble with finding a subject or topic title to write about and so I just question myself now and then what can it be about this time? So much has been happening since the attack on America and now President Bush has declared war? It was expected so my body or mind did not go into shock this time. I have been getting e-mails regarding people all over the United States. The e-mails have not stopped really since then.

Here I am up a little before 6 a.m. this morning and I am a little more awake than I would be on a normal day. Today is not exactly a normal day for me to be up this early. We had a thunderstorm until fairly late last night and my cat Emilee and I pretty much snuggled all night long. I knew she was at my feet when I had awakened this morning so I began playing a game with her asking her where’s my Mi Mi. I call her Mi Mi for Main Meow or My Main Meow. Sounds silly, huh? LOL

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