Where Did This Come From??

Last night about 1 a.m. I had a dream that made me question where did it come from. In my dream, oddly enough, I was living underground in an underground home with my good friends who live here in the building I live in today. The place was of rocks and dirt and had lots of light because of the lighting on the walls so it was not completely dark, and our homes were of a four room apartment like what I live in today, but the design was different. My bed was a cot on the floor next to a cool rocky spot like a fireplace setting. My friends were avoiding the alien-faced people. The people we were avoiding looked like aliens from space somewhere. They were friendly and some were not friendly.

Later in the night before waking up this morning I had another dream that I was visiting my relatives up north in a home that has been burned down since the late 90s and two of my friends were going into town to shop when all of a sudden we were forced to stay put ini a school of teachers and students because my two friends and I were exposed to the mumps. There were spirits living in closets and a boy was hiding in the closet and one of the spirits/ghosts asked why the boy had mumps at 4 o’clock in the morning. Then all of a sudden I saw nurses running about the place, which turned into a hospital yelling “mumps! “mumps!” My girlfriend and I were in a room playing marbles with Reese’s Puffs cereal.


Strange, huh? I thought so too, and I really woke up wondering where those two dreams came from all of a sudden too! That is the questionable part in my head and I am still wondering where they came from. Now for the first I can guess that it is related to the attack on America where the aliens were the terrorists and my friends and I were living underground in a safe place where we would not get hurt. Now, for the second dream, I have no clue why that occurred. It did not make any sense in part of it.

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