Grandma Fox Pt 1

It has been a wonderful twenty-seven years spent with my Grandma Fox. Today she has been gone for four years from dying from congestive heart failure. I remember, even though this memory is probably not the best of all the memories, the days I spent the night in the hospital with my grandma and Mom waiting for her to pass away after the doctor told us for five days that she will not live through the night. My grandma, as she did so well, fooled the doctor for a few days and held on to her life for as long as she could or needed. The doctor probably was surprised himself but I can not speak for him. It is heresay.

I remember the day that Grandma held onto my roommate’s hand so tightly asking her to not to leave. Right then and there, Grandma had me sticking by her to the day she died. I did not leave her and Grandma had gotten her wish. i believe if she did not hold onto my roommate’s hand as tightly as she did, I would have walked out of the hospital not knowing what Grandma wanted.

Mom came home from riding on her Harley and with my stepfather when I heard them in the hallway of the hospital talking. As I walked out of the room, with Grandma’s understanding that I would be back, I heard Mom say that she was going to stay with Grandma, her Mom until the end, and I stamped my foot as I walked out saying, “If you’re staying, I’m staying and there’s no argument!”

(Part 2 later)

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  1. 02012000 says:

    Both my grandmas are still alive, as are my husbands, but all way up there in age where their health is starting to fail. It’s hard to seem them get to this stage in life, although inevitable. Grandparents are such special people.

  2. sezrah says:

    may the good memories outweigh the bad


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