A Familiar Cord (Unhappiness)



I hate it when people are unhappy, yes…I truly do. Actually hate is a very strong word to use and it does mean to “love less” and I don’t like to think I “love less”. If I do, my face can surely tell you the truth if I can’t. I don’t like it when I am unhappy or moody all the time, either. It drives me up a wall and the people I care about the most get concerned and they just want to find out what’s wrong. Push, push, push. Oh well, I am not unhappy today or anything…just commenting on what I wrote the other day on the 19th of October. The unhappiness I am talking about are the people you smile at and say hello and have a good day just look so unhappy sometimes and have a grumpy look about them. It makes me what to get up and ask them if they need a hug or something, but with a lot of people you need to be careful about that! This world has become strange in some areas when it comes to moods. I don’t want people to think that I am a retard or something. I have cerebral palsy which affects the right side, but my mental compacity was not affected. All because people look at my handicap – my slight gait, the people I sometimes hang around with, and how I look facial wise sometimes make people think that I am something other than handicapped with cerebral palsy. I don’t like to say I hate that because it means to love less, and so I will say, I dislike it greatly.

Continued tomorrow…or Wednesday

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  1. fallenlady says:

    Thanks for the comment in my diary:)and yes I’m feeling much better now.I sometimes think we have to feel down sometimes to appreciate it when we feel happy:)A smile and a cheerful hello can make all the differance sometimes to someone who is having a sad day.The worst thing you can ever say to anyone who looks sad is "cheer up it might never happen"Ive had that said to me before by complete strangers even when I wasnt sad I just have a naturally droopy mouth:)

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