What can I say tonight? Not much probably…LOL I was so busy today that my day was not at all boring or lazy. This is the first time in a while today I have been able to write in my journal here, except for the short entry before this one. When 11 a.m. rolled around this morning and I got together with my friend to run and errand and have lunch out, time just escaped me! My Bible study was at 3 p.m. and it did not end until after 4 p.m., and after that, I had to eat supper and rest a little. Now with the time getting dark about 5 p.m., my nights seem to be longer before midnight and before 7 a.m., I see the light of the outside world outside my window. It just gets darker earlier because of daylight savings time here in good ol’ Wisconsin. I guess I am just chattering away to fill in the lines and find words to write for the day of November 8, 2001. I am actually, oddly enough, glad that night has fallen and I will be going to bed shortly…I hope!! I do have a fairly busy day tomorrow – more chores before doing anything fun or exciting. LOL —-That’s life today.

Well, as late as it is now, I will try to find time to write in my journal tomorrowo before it gets too late in the day or night. I have copan coming again tomorrow for a while and so maybe after my company leaves, I can get to writing in my journal before it gets dark. Until tomorrow, goodnight “YAWN”

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