What Can I Say Tonight

It is yet the 9th of November here in Wisconsin, and I know I have a lot of entries written for the day, but I had to write something before retiring to bed foro the night. To be very honest with you, I did not intend on being up this late on a Friday night but as I look at the time on my alarm clock, it is that late…LOL I would like to end my night by saying these words… (below)

When I run across other DD entries of my interest or understanding or both, I always seem to run across people who I can get acquainted with or help. When I read other entries other than writing my own, I don’t know if I have helped someone or made someone think until I am actually told. I am a young woman who loves to write and read what other people write that are related to my interests or understandings. I see potential in some journal writers that I will be very honest with people.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my entries, whether they are short or long, or boring (LOL). All of you who do write, even those who come in once in a while by interest and title, all comments are appreciated whether they are of criticism, understanding, advice, etc… I want to let you all know that hearing from you means a lot to me whether it is good or not so good. As a wanna be writer/author, I work very hard at what I write even if it is good, needs work, great, or not so good. Thanks everyone! Have a great night!! See you all tomorrow…

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