Thanks Sez

Thank you for your compliment at my DD spot. I am actually siting here contemplating on getting a bath or shower in now so I can be ready for my day tomorrow. We have something going on at my chrch tomorrow. I am looking forward to that greatly as I do enjoy church activities and programs very much. As for right now at 5:22 p.m., I am listening to some classcal music to relax and get comfortable as it is now dark outdoors here where I live. I love classical music and I don’t know where or exactly when I got to loving this music but it was years ago. I have a former teacher who listens to classical music and I do know I did not learn to like it from her. You have to acquire a taste for some things and classical music is one of them for most people. In fact, get this, I did not care for Frank Sinatra until three years before he died. Now I really like his singing. Blue Eyes was his nickname and he was a part of the Rat Pack I believe with Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, and others. Now, how long has Frank Sinatra been gone now?

I am feeling better but I am trying not to overdo it because u am si prone to relapse. Talk to you soon!!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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  1. sezrah says:

    dear ksmiley,

    i’m sorry to hear you have been sick, may this weekend truly give you a good opportunity to rest up and revive


  2. Avalonelf says:


    Sorry I havent been here in so long. Been busy, as if you look at my diary, I havent even written much there anymore.

    Feel better and get very very well. I am leaving for Maine to see my father soon and am hoping to not get sick.

    Feel Better! Love,Alaina

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