Christmas 2001

Although I was not with my immediate family this Christmas, I did have a fine and enjoyable Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am, however, Christmaed out and glad that Christmas is now behind me for another year. I did get what I wanted for the holidays as well as needed – morely needed than wanted really. I had feared that this Christmas was going to be a lonely one but it turned out to be quite the opposite. In fact, I got a Christmas present/gift from God I did not expect. That gift is so hard to explain in words because it deals with my emotional welfare I have dealt with for many years. I can, without going into great depth, I am on the road to recovery from a situation in my life. I am on a very LONG ROAD to recovery. If i find a way to explain it in words, I will write and share my special gift from God another day and that is a big promise!!!!

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