Escaping My Thoughts

I have to admit that there are days I would like to escape with my writing – thoughts of feelings in words. Escaping from one thing fir a while does seem like I am procrastinating regarding my school work but its not. Really… It is a time, here, to escape from reality for a short time then I will get back to reality. Growing up in reality and that will never change – that will go on and on. In fantasy, even though you can escape to a world that you wish to go to, fantasy is not reality. As far as reality goes, escaping to a place in reality is one thing I do best, writing is my place. I escape into writing to get what I want to express.

I am watching a show called 7th Heaven &th Heaven is a Christian based program and tonight’s episode is based on group hate as far as religion is concerned. A young Muslim girl was befriended by Ruthie Camden. This Muslim girl was not liked by other people because of her beliefs and what she wears. Because Reverend Camden is a Reverend, his family and daughter Ruthie helped her Muslim friend and family the best she could. Ruthie, a student of a private school, quit going to the private school because the Muslim girl was not wanted in the private school. Ruthie went back to public school with her Muslim friend. What a wonderful ending!!! Ruthie’s family and friend, and friend’s mother and neighbors walked to the public school. Whatt an ending.

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