Gossip Hurts!!!

I do have to admit that gossip can hurt someone, especially when the so-called gossip is about you directly… Yes, as far as gossip goes, I hate it with a passion. It is not a passion like my writing, which I love. I hate gossip! Yesterday a neighbor, who is moving, told me that my two friends told her not to tell me anything because i will spread the word around! OUCH! that hurts!! My heart tells me that it is not true and my mind is telling me that it is not like my two friends to say something like that. One of my good friends told me so… Some people just try so hard to destroy lives of someone else because they are so unhappy themselves. I know I have to let such things go through in one ear and out of the other at times but I can be so touchy at times. Gossip does hurt, though. Believe me. Then lok at the people some people hang around with!! I am a fairly quiet and reserved person but not so private like some people. As bad as gossip goes, I do know that being a private person has come across my mind many times, but I am just learning how to step out beyond my comfort zone a little here and there at a slow pace. I want to get along with everyone if I could but I know that not everyone can get along with me. LOL That is a dream that will never come true, that’s for sure… I know i can get along with those who are my friends, right? Gossip can hurt!


Well, I start school this week tomorrow and I am looking forward to going…to get out of here as well as go to my classes that I enjoy even though studying is difficult after being out of school for so long. LOL — I need to get back in the groove of school again, wheether or not I like it or not.

It is getting late and I do have a big schedule tomorrow! Gotta run for now. I have to go now. I can hardly keep my eyes open even though it is only going on 9 p.m. here. YAWN!

Good night…

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