My Microwave Died

I went to cook a mea fpr supper and my microwave, while cooking my meal, just quit. It died! Right in the middle of cooking my dinner, my microwave dies?! That is so frustrating…especially when you are hungry for something in particular. The oddest thing is the fact that the microwave was not yet two years. I have had a mmicrowave last a lot longer than two years. The last microwave, before this one, lasted 6 years in my possession, and that microwave was a used microwave! It makes me wonder if the microwave would have sparked and caused damage instead of quitting. Now that is only speculation – something that never happened… Well, I used something until I wore it out. At least I am not going to get a new microwave because it looks better or cooler than the one that broke down. Looking at the cost of getting the microwave fixed is a lot more than gettong a new pne. What kind of scares me about the microwave dying on me is the age of the appliance. It was not yet two years old. Oh well, my microwave died…Things break down.

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