A Quick Note to My DD Friends

Dear Friends,

I am writing a short entry tonight to say to everyone here at DD to have a good weekend and good Friday night. I do not remember if I mentioned that I did not have the best week this week without having to go back to my previous journal entries, so please forgive me if I have reoeated myself to some degree. I do have to admit that my week has not yet ended so I do have a lot of hope that things will pick up for the better before long. It is my Friday evening and I do have to admit that my Friday here at home was a good day…even though I slept for most of the day. Must have needed my rest I guess, huh? Even though my week did not go as planned according to me, I did smile and go on with my day with a smile on my face no matter what my week or days have brought me. Well, Friends, I have to run now. It is 7 p.m. here and I have to eat and get cleaned up for the weekend. It is time for me to get myself going now even though it is evening. I do have a fairly big day tomorrow and Sunday I hit the books agaiin and get some homework done. Right now I am sitting here in a quiet aoartment without the television on just enjoying the peace and quiet and the noises of other people in the building. My cat is snuggled on the bed and taking her cat nap as usual for a Friday evening. I guess both of us took a catnap this afternoon – in my case all day.

I hope everyone at DD has a good Friday night and a good weekend! I will write again tomorrow sometime.


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3 thoughts on “A Quick Note to My DD Friends”

  1. hi kristi,

    i find those times of peace and quiet some of the most worthwhile refreshing moments

    sorry to hear your week hasn’t been the greatest, neither has mine

    i hope your weekend is a restful one


  2. Hi Kristi:

    To change your password, login to your dd account. There’s the Member’s Menu bar at the top of the page. On the Second Line, in the Middle column, is a link called Personal.

    Click Personal, and type in the new password you want in the password field. Type it again in the Confirm field. That should work! Have a good weekend!

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