Is It Already Thursday??

I know I have been up since 7 a.m. waking up to my furry meowing companion telling me it was time to get up and ready for my day. I’d rather have my cat wake up than a buzz sound of an alarm clock that is annoying and sometimes a rude awakening if you are sound asleep and dreaming. I did get up feeling refreshed and wearing to go to school by 7:45 a.m.. LOL]

It is now 12:48 p.m. now and I have been to school ever since 8:45 a.m.. My friend M and I had lunch at 11 a.m. before she decided to get to working on a paper due for one of her classes. My friend B is not feeling well – as he was not feeling well yesterday all day long and had returned home before his classes began. He had come into the SNL before 3 p.m. to take me home, where I realized that he did not go to class and when I saw him, he did not look that great anyway. Those viruses and bugs!

I have spent most of my morning in the SNL studying for my Business Law test coming Wednesday and I feel that everything is underway and going smoothly. Studying is not so hard after you find a studying technique that is suitable for you. I use the SQ3R method, which is (S)urvey, (Q)uestion, (R)ead, (R)ecite, and (R)eview. Also, putting my mind into my studies really does help – BELIEVE ME!…I am a person w/ experience NOT wanting to do this or that but has turned a new leaf in her habits. I have been keeping myself VERY busy this semester in school.

I really don’t know what to say now since it is now after lunch, my studying is done for the time being until I go home, and I have a couple of hours or less before my ride comes to take me home. I have been busy all day long and glad of it. Being a student is FUN!

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