I would like to thank you for sending me that private comment. I did get, yes, and from what I read, I am actually doing all those things. I thought something was different about me when I noticed my patterns were getting into shape and getting better. I stil have my nights where I can not sleep until late at night but then i do my best and go at my “next” day best I can – hopiing that it is not a school night… I am so glad that Spring Break has hit us now even though at the beginning of the week I did not wish to have any break from school because I only have classes twice a week and I go to school four days a week to get some homework done and studying done that is not easy to do at home. Even tonight, I am really not wanting to be on line but I felt I had to check my e-mail and do some surfing. I am feeling much better about Spring Break now and looking forward to a friend staying over night and my friend M (man friend) is going to watch a movie with us tomorrow night. I have never seen the Hirse Whisperer before last night and I am so glad that I decided to rent the movie and watch it. I am also taking care of my neikghbor’s cat while she is at a birthday “pool” party at a hotel. My friend, a special one, is someone I consider a “daughter” I’ve never really had. My friend is mentally disabled and she is not afraid to say that she is slow. She is a sweetie and I would do anything within reason for my friend C. As for my friend M coming over, he is going to meet my friend J who is going to be spending the night.

Well Melange, I want to say good night as the time is getting late – now after 8:30 p.m. seems late for me because I wake up so early in the morning whatever day it is – M – F…LOL My kitty, who is going to be twelve years old this April, keeps waking me up at a specific time thinking that I go to school or have to go to school everyday…LOL Well, anyway I would like a soft, purring, moewing alarm than a loud “BUZZ” waking me up in the morning any day…”SMILE”

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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