Melange & Avalonelf

I would like to publicly thank Melange and Avalonelf for their comments in yesterday’s entry. I appreciate them greatly. Melange, thank you for your continued prayers for my friend who is fighting cancer right now. Prayers are most needed right now. Avalonelf, I would like to say that it is not good having to hear such news about a friend you are so close to. My friend, despite how she is feeling, is fighting a long and courageous battle with her cancer and I am so proud of her. Seeing my friend yesterday gave me the closure I needed to be not afraid of her. My friend understands what I am feeling inside as I do express my feelings very well openly and sometimes more boisterous than I should. After seeing her yesterday, I know now that there was no need to be afraid of my friend. She is different, yes, but her spirit is the same kind spirit that she has always been. She did look unwell but she had a smile on her face and greeted all her friends and supporters openly with hugs and conversation.

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