Somewhat of a Lazy Day

AHHH! What a lazy day this beautiful day is. The sun is shining and the air is cool but not too cool to be unbearable. I have my bedroom and livingroom windows open to allow fresh air into my fairly roomy place – a one bedroom apartment. My friend Kathy and I are going to the Mother/Daughter dinner tonight at her Pastor’s home and it sounds like a lot of fun and it is exciting by the sound of it – Italian food!! YUM! Well, this morning I did not get to bed until after 2:30 a.m. because I had watched the Laker game with my friend G last night and then he went home or so he said he was going to home. My surrogate Mom called me shotly before 1 o’clock in the a.m. telling me that the game was over and Greg should be going home. I told her that he had left minutes before that and that he did seem tired and somewhat out of it but it was not a diabetic tired look. After we talked, we hung up and minutes later Mom called back and said that Greg was not at his apartment and that worried me to death. I had called Mom back and told her that I would like her to call me back…but instead of waiting for her call back, I got my pants on and top and slippers and went to Mom’s place to help her find Greg. This had happened within an hour and we were sitting in Mom’s apartment livingroom and were worried. Before 3 a.m., Mom and I went back to G’s apartment and found him in the livingroom eating a sandwich, and to me he sounded less tired and not out of it as he was earlier. Mom was trying to get out of him where he was and he keep saying that he was in the elevator for a long time – and if he was in the elevator, why did I not run into him while going down to Mom’s place? it did not make any sense. Mom and I talked for a few minutes after that knowing where he possibly was during that time we were looking for him, and then I came back to my place and went to bed – but I had gotten a call from G saying that he was sorry that he worried me and Mom.

You see, I have had an experience I would never forget. I will never know where G really was during that hour but I can only speculate. I was worried about G and I was not going to rest with my mission uncompleted last night…so I stayed up with Mom until we had completed the mission and felt sure and secure. You see, G is a diabetic and he tends to have moments of highs and lows throughout the day and Mom and I get concerned for his health especially as brittle as it may seem more everyday. I did not get to sleep until after 3 a.m. this morning so I only got a few hours of sleep – not the recommended eight hours to have adequate sleep. I feel so lazy this Friday…LOL Here I am going to a Mother/Daughter dinner tonight and I am kind of tired and wanting to stay home tonight but I have plans to keep and i don’t like to break a promise to a dear friend now a days. This Mother/Daughter dinner was mentioned a couple of weeks ago and I already told my friend that I would go with her and she did write my name down. I will be fine, though…that’s a promise.

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