A Nap Was Needed

Last night when I was home, my computer was not on for very long. That is always the case when I don’t feel good and the computer is pushed aside until I have enough energy to put forth my time into it. I did, at least for a few minuites, check for e-mails and quickly write an entry that very well could have waited really. I just was not feeling that good as I have a cold and I am not sure if G gave me a cold or I gave him my cold. Anyway, which way it goes it is both our faults as we have been spending a lot of time together. I now know why I have had very little energy these past couple of days – since Sunday actually – and was tired. I had a cold coming on and I felt like sleeping the past few days away. I am, at least, feeling better today but not 100% better. The nap that I took yesterday in the afternoon after I got home and relaxed, did help and it was surely needed.

Right now, at this time, this Wednesday morn at school waiting for time to pass which is ticking by so terribly slow, lol. going to class in a few minutes. I get to leave early from my Economics class since I already have taken the quiz that is today on Monday and got 24 pts out of 27 pts. That is pretty good. I have been doing well on the quizzes in that class – it is the tests that I don’t do well on even though the information is up in my head and mind…it just a blank when the test paper comes…LOL I have improved on the pts though and that is important. Only 19 days of classes left, YIKES! What on earth am I going to do when school is out for the summer for me? I definitely have to keep myself busy, that’s for sure! I will be seeing family this summer and I will be seeing them at the end of June! How exciting!

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