The First Day of May and a Memory That WIll Always Be Remembered

As I sit here and remember something when I was a young girl, I am flattered to remember such a fine neighbor Nikki was. Every May Day she would go around the neighborhood and give out May baskets. I did not know that she was the one who did this until one day she saw me on the deck of our house and she gave me the May basket with gum and candy. Oh how I remember those days! Now Nikki and I all grown up and adults now. The first day of May always brings me back to the days Nikki used to do the May baskets. Oh what a memory to share with anyone and everyone. I don’t know, but the last time I knew, Nikki’s parents were still living in the same house at the end of the street of Greenvale Drive. Remembering the days I went over to play games with her and go to her birthday parties that were always held on Halloween Day – although her birthday was not that day. Her mom always decorated the baseement of their home with Halloween decor and we had loads of fun playing games, eating cake and ice cream. I have always thought that Nikki was a beautiful girl and she is definitely a beautiful girl on the outside as well as on the inside.

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