My Weekend at Home

When was the last time I had an UTI? hmmm…about three years ago or so now. I have another UTI under my belt this weekend, yuck, and I found out through an urine specimen that was requested by me from my doctor. Now that explains my 102.5 temperature Thursday night late, ouch, and going to the bathroom was even worse, actually. Well…now I think I am out of the woods for anything worse to happen as I am taking Cotrim, an antibiotic and my fever has not returned for several hours now. I am considering on missing my classes on Monday to make sure that everything is out of the woods for sure as far as bloodwork – my creatine was 1/10 of a point higher than what my doctor would like it to be. Creatine was 1.5 and the rest of my blood counts were in the normal ranges. My creatine was a little on the high side because of the fever I was trying to combat for the past couple of days which is now ??? not here.

Considering to not go to classes on Monday does bother my conscience some for some odd reason. I have had a perfect attendance in both classes. Again, I might attend my clases and then relax but I have a friend who told me earlier today that I should stay home and rest so I don’t have a relapse. I have already, by another friend’s request, stayed home from going to church this morning. Mother’s do know best, don’t they…YEP Okay, for safety and health reasons, I will stay home from school on Monday and return to classes on Wednesday. I don’t know how long I really had this UTI in the first place. At first it acted like a cold.

Because I have not felt good for the last few days, I have noticed that my attendance on my computer had faltered a bit, too. I realized that yesterday when I did not feel good at all and my computer was only turned on for a few minutes to check my e-mail and reply to the most important ones, and then I turned off the computer. Today is the first day, of all days, I have been able to get on the computer and sit here for any length of time beyond five minutes without the need to lay down on the couch or go to bed. I do have to admit that I am getting pretty tired now and it is only going on 7 p here. My sleep was a bit disturbed these past couple of days because I had to go to the bathroom so many times during the night and I was pretty restless and uncomfortable. So this is my weekend…home and feeling a tad bit shut out from the real world outside. LOL Really that is not a laughing matter I guess And here I thought it was a bad cold!!! NOT!

Some days it pays to be ill I guess. I have been pampered to some degree. My surrogate Mom has been there for me these past few days since I have been feeling icky and today for lunch, G had come up with a tray of food that Mom prepared for their lunch. Boy was it ever yummy for my tummy. i actually noticed I was getting my appetite back from having such a hard time with the fever two nights before. G & Mom do care about people and I am forever grateful for that, that’s for sure, and I love them both so much!

Here I go rambling on and on. Classical music is playing behind me and it is so pretty and relaxing. I am beginning to feel tired. Is sleep going to come easy for me tonight? I hope so really. Not having enough sleep for a couple of days have been rough I’ve noticed. Here I go repeating myself. Oh well…LOL

I have not seen G yet this afternoon, early evening. I called his place as well as Mom’s and noticed that both answering machines kicked in showing me that they were either resting or out somewhere. I wonder if they went to visit Mom’s ex husband who has been ill for some time now and is not expected to live much longer – in hopes that he does. I am not worried or jealous that they left me behind…I’m sick remember? Mom is the one who suggested me not to go to church this morning anyway and I know she meant well. I am beginning to feel like my ol’ self again, thankfully! YEAH!!

I think this concludes my journaling for this day of May 4, 2002. Good bye for the night.

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  1. 02012000 says:

    Hope your feeling better soon! I had a UTI once in college, no fun. {{hugs}}

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