I Have Been Thinking…OH NO!

I remember yesterday in Business Law talking about how the Americans “us” live in today’s world of freedom, comparing those countries that don’t agree with our freedom and yet still have slaves/employees working for the rich, where we have nothing like that today thanks to Abraham Lincoln. As we were talking about what America has as far as freedom and what we have altogether comparing to other countries that don’t have what we have or even is coming close to what we have. Jealousy is among different people in other countries because we are more free than other countries. Yes, our Government is different from other countries as well. What President Roosevelt wanted for our country is here today plus more things. I have been thinking about the independence of this world in an individual matter. I am disabled/handicapped with a mild case of cerebral palsy and independence only happened a few years ago when I was able to take care of my finances on my own. With the help from my mom who took me out of the program I was in in the early 1998 year, I finally got my wish of independence come into the future much faster. Just thinking of losing that independence today would be devastating according to my mind. I have fought, along with many other handicapped/disabled people for independencec – otherwise I might be among the many in an institution and being watched constantly about this and that and independence would be very small. I can understand an elderly persono with a disease or terminal illness, like my grandpa, being in a nursing home to get the medical care he needs and the 24/7 love from the workers. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s Disease. Today I am living in an apartment complex with other tenants surrounding me, happy and living the life I want to live, as well as I am very happy here even though some tenants would try to make other tenants miserable or cause trouble. I just get out of here for the day or for a while in order to get away, or I just lock my door and stay away from the outside world for a short time. I find, at times only, escaping to this computer of mine, a safe haven from the real world and then I bounce back to the real world immediately after I get off or leave this computer. I have been thinking again and boy that is not always good, LOL. I have been thinking about life and what America has – FREEDOM…

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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