Here I Am Again, LOL

My day is over as far as school is concerned but I am sitting at home practically thinking about today and the next two school days I have left. I am not going to be at school on Wednesday after 12 noon so I will be missing my classmates in Economics but I have it under control so I will NOT miss any class time. I have not missed any of my classes! COOL! Also, I have been thinking about riding the bus home from school after 3 p.m.. The bus driver, no names given seemed to be angry about something and I know I did not do anything wrong. Sometimes I wish people would get help for their anger or hostility – especially after the fact that they know they have troubles with their anger in life. I feel intiminated to some degree – afraid of this bus driver and is bigger than me. This bus driver scares me half to death and I am almost afraid of riding her bus! Everytime I ride her, which was the past two times, my anxiety is raised some and it is scary – very scary. My mind goes back to that situation and it is driving me up a wall! Other then that, my day has gone well and surprisingly F A S T !!!!

Author: ksmiley

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  1. *~KSmiley~*

    Well at least all goes well with you. Hope that bus driver gets in a better mood and figures out a way to be happy or seomthing or other,lol. Have a wonderful week.


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