I Was Not Planning To

Excuse me for today’s entry being short and sweet compared to my previous entries. I was not planning on coming on line to write in my journal here tonight but get on my computer to do some Business Law studying for the final exam that is on Monday, May 20, 2002. Actually, with the weather being soon rainy and possible thunderstorms on the way here in most of Wisconsin, I was not going to get on my computer at all really. I got some studying done at school this morning but not a whole lot because I could not stay all day long as I usually do on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. I had an appointment this afternoon at 2:30 p and I had to leave early from Business Law to run to that appointment as well as get a urine specimen done for my doctor in Madison, Wisconsin because two weeks ago I had suffered an urinary tract infection. I had to get that done because I had just finished taking the medication/antibiotics for the UTI. Excuse me for being gross. I have to run now. All my e-mails and writing of e-mails are done for now and I have some studying yet to do. More another day…tomorrow hopefully. Good night and good bye for now.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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