Here I Am

It is going on 11 a this morning and I am at home and not at school today. The television is on behind me while I listen to the commericals between the program Murder, She Wrote. I love that show even though it has been off the air and no more shows are being made. My mom and I are watchers of Murder, She Wrote. She works as a teacher and she has her program taped for her to watch later on in the week when she is available and I watch it when I have the chance – when I am at home and not at school or running errands. Because the shows are now repeats from when it first started to when the show went off the air a few years ago. Both Mom and I were both disappointed that the show went off the air but there was nothing we could do about it but watch the show in syndicate on A&E (Arts & Entertainment). Now you are getting to know a little bit about me as far as to what I like.

My last day of school is on Monday but I am not 100% sure if I need to go to school on Tuesday to make sure everything is done and in as far as homework goes. I have had a very busy semester and I have been having mixed feelings about school ending. I want it to end and I don’t want it to end…that is confusing, don’t you think? I am going to see my brother next month and I am excited about going to see him and then seeing my dad and stepmom and sister later in the summer so I have a good reason to be happy to see school end foro the summer for me, but as far as my feelings not wanting school not to end, I just have been learning some real neat stuff and I want to learn more and just reading my books will NOT be all I need to learn. Oh hoow confusing!!! I am happy and sad at the same time. Am I strange?

I keep repeating myself! Sorry about that everybody. I have a mind that keeps going to and fro from one thing to another and I have my mind o school.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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4 Responses to Here I Am

  1. AmyN617 says:

    I love Murder She Wrote. Great family show. I miss those oldies but goodies. My mom and I also watched Hart to Hart and Quincy with a passion. Of course, I could never resist Spenser for Hire also…but only ‘cuz I"m such a huge Robert Parker fan (the novelist who created the Spenser Character).

    I totally understand your feelings about school. I always wished I could go to school all year round to learn, enjoy my friends and work my mind – without stressing over deadlines and tests.

  2. mtwib says:

    Being sad and happy @ the same time? COmpletely normal. Now being sad happy and angry and depressed and cherry and hyper and excited at the same time… maybe thta’s not normal (or is it?)



    I wish you a wonderful next semester and lots of good luck and a wonderful day!



  3. Melange says:

    ‘Mixed states’ are sometimes a joy and oft times a hindrance. Hope you are well.

  4. sezrah says:

    isn’t it strange coming to the end of a thing, almost as if you expected it to go on forever


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