Remembering 9-11/Memorial Day Thoughts

May 28, 2002

Yesterday was Memorial Day observed in the United States. Many places were either closed or open only for a short time because of the day being observed. As I sat down to get on the internet and read some other people’s thoughts of Memorial Day, a couple of people I only know through their writings had written their thoughts down. I thought that was fantastic that someone willing wrote their thoughts down. I was deeply touched. As well as being deeply touched, my mind kept going back to the 9-11 attack on America last 2001. Yet not 9-11-02 everyone is still deeply moved about what has happened almost a year ago. I kept remembering of my reaction the 9-11 attack on America at first. I was so busy with myself needing to get somewhere that morning – an appointment – and I had briefly turned on my television to see what was going on at the moment. As I flipped through the channels I kept seeing news regarding two planes crashing into the World Trade Center in New York City. I thought, at first truly, that it was just another accident that happened not an attack made by people who hated our country so much. I had turned the television off and went to my needed appointment not knowing the severity of what just happened to a lot of people on the planes and in the WTC. I had gotten to my appointment seeing that people had been doing their business as usual and I had gone back to talk to my appointment about starting school the following semester which started in January.

It was after my appointment I was waiting for my ride to arrive to do some errands, when I had heard a radio blaring in the distance about the Attack on America. Apparently it was a very bad situation if the news was airing the attack on television and the radio. I had heard two men speaking to each other over the loud radio but I did not get the just of the conversation because I don’t like to nose my business in other people’s business if it can be helped. Then my ride had finally arrived and I had gotten in the car and she too had the radio on listening to the news. I had asked her about it because I was confused and unsure of what really happened and then she told me that the World Trade Center was hit by two planes. Remembering what I had seen on television, I had only seen one plane crash into the WTC…not two. I had realized that it was big news and someone was behind it wanting people in our country to be killed, even the innocent people who had no idea of what was going to happen to them.

I kept thinking why would people want to be killers of the innocent and why are people so hateful of some things like freedom. My heart just rang out that day as well as fear struck my mind. “Did I want to fly to New Mexico to see my family in November two months away?” Fear had struck my mind in such away that kept going back and forth with my thoughts of flying. I did not know if I wanted to fly again after such a horrible attack on America had occurred, and I knew that I was not the only person thinking so. As I kept going back and forth about ever flying again, I had shared my thoughts with my family and friends, and then realized that traveling to see family in PA, AR, and NM required a short ride by air unless I want to take the bus which takes days and not a few hours away from home. I had vowed that I would get my act together and get with the program. I knew that I was not the only one who was afraid of flying after the terror took place, but I had to show the terrorists that I was not afraid of what they did. Those terrorists would not destroy my family by tearing us apart.

May 29, 2002

It was yesterday, now Tuesday, May 28, 2002, I come back to writing my thoughts about 9-11-01 and yet there are some very strong feelings as I relive that Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Yesterday, not getting back to writing my thoughts and finishing my thoughts will resume tomorrow May 30, 2002. Please excuse my thoughts being put on hold.

May 30, 2002

Today, May 30, 2002, four days later after Memorial Day and another day closer to the year anniversary of the attack on America, I have found my thoughts not anything different and can not be added anymore. Most of my thoughts have been added already and more will be added another day.

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