YIKES – Couldn’t Miss A Day

Today being a Sunday, with the weather being unpredictable and uncertain, it is gloomy outdoors and now it is dark as night because it is night – 8:45 p.m.. All day long I felt tired and sleepy and I fell asleep three times just laying on my futon – my new piece of furniture to replace the awkward couch I have had for five years. Well – there was a special reason to write in today’s entry before my day escaped me entirely and I missed a day of journaling – so here it goes…


I have not been dwelling on my entry I had written yesterday but I do have to admit that I took the time to see the comments – if any – but I remember the test I had taken a few days ago. I did get a comment, from a DD friend who understands what I go through from day to day, and she agrees with me that I am what I am. Read June 1, 2002 entry at Dear Diary to see what I mean, okay? What this person commented was most appreciated and very well taken as an understanding and not taken at all to the point of tears. I find Alaina not at all like a person who would cut down another person as I read her entries when she writes.

I am one person who cares about people, whether or not I know them or not, or know them at all. What is a life if you don’t have a caring heart and understanding? It would be a fairly sour life I think but then again that is my opinion and not always does one opinion matter, right? SMILE… What ever goes on in my life, whether or not I share my thoughts from day to day, my life is going to be lived the way I feel comfortable.


I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my entries – boring or not – and commenting. I am very grateful for this place – a special place I feel I belong for a change. I surely don’t feel like an outsider here at Dear Diary. It is a place I can find some peace, whether or not my family agrees with my findings and thoughts. I know I am NOT alone here with feelings and I know that I am only a human being with feelings, too. I can not believe that I have been here and met some real nice people via the internet and at Dear Diary. Thanks so much for making my place here at Dear Diary an enjoyable. Thanks everyone!

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  1. *~KSmiley~*

    Thank you for saying that about me, your such a wonderul person and I love to read your entries and you know it’s enjoyable to read about your life and how you go through it.

    Life sees unending, yet we all know we have to die someday, but why is it so many people don’t live life to it’s fullest, and then regret that they didn’t before they die? Because it was a way to live, it wa proper to live the way society and conformity were handled. The way you were brought up to!!

    Although, feelings don’t always have to be shown, and some people live not showing them in front of people. Some day those closest will need you to know that you have emotions and tell you its okay to have them…

    Something I was just thinking about, listening to this song…Incubus "Warning"

    Saturday, June 1st, 2002. I went through the whole day wih a smile. That day I dressed to look good, and I know how many people, men in particular looked at me. But, I thought, hey…i makes ME feel good to be noticed, and making them happy to see something like a young girl dressed nicely, made me felt good.

    But the thing that made my day, is I NEVER frowned that day. Everyone I passed,I smiled at them and gave them a nice "hello" and those who were not smiling, I smiled even wider. A smile can bring happiness into everyone’s day, and even make them smile!

    So…I smile for you *smiles*


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