The Dentist

There was a cancellation at the dentist this afternoon and I had gotten a call from the dentist office to get a start on the dental work that needed to be done – yet two more visits left, but I have noticed that the worst of the dental work is done. Man on man, I felt like I was socked in the mouth and that it felt swollen but it wasn’t. Once the numbness and the feeling of being socked by someone wore off, the achy feeling of the teeth that were worked on had come into full swing and I felt like crying. Honestly…I am a wimp when it comes to aches and pains — I CAN NOT tolerate even the slightest ache. Finally, with the ache finally wearing off, I am feeling human again but come this Monday, with a scheduled appointment, I will be going to the dentist again to get some more teeth worked on.

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  1. Oh boy do I know what you’re going through. Mine has gone in and taken the five cavaties I had out because I’ve had them too long and they were leaking. She then put new poraclin fillings, it looks like I have NO cavaties. Then I’ve had two count them two root canals next week I get the caps and then I’m done. I must be somewhere in the neighboorhood of 2grand in the whole and that’s with insurance. Uggh…but you know when you smile and you have healthy teeth it’s so worth it.

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