One Good Cat

I have not written an entry about my cat Emilee in a long time! In fact, I don’t remember when and if I wrote an entry just about my cat. I would have to go all the way back to the first entry to the present and I know I have a lot of entries written so far.

I was gone this weekend and a friend of mine took care of Emilee while I was away. Emilee was a very good cat while I was away but she did get huffy and hissy while I was away to the caregiver. I guess, even though she has been very good for a very long time, she still has her old self in her – that huffing and hissing. I personally think, while I was not here, she was ruling the roost and doing her duty as she was expected and asked. I do know that she will be ruling the roost again for a few days very shortly and she is a very good guard cat at times of need. Believe me…she is HAPPY to have me home for the time being. What a cat I have.

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