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Yesterday I went to my counseling appointment which was almost missed. Whatever time we had left in the appointment when I finally arrived, I discussed something of major importance in my life. Why I went to a counselor to discuss my issue regarding my mom, but then again my counselor wants to see the progress in my life and according to him, I am making lots of progress.

What Did We Discuss?

We discussed “High Expectations. I have a problem/an issue regarding my mom in NM. My mom has always lived a life that seemed to evolve around her and those who are in her life sometimes feel that they are put aside to satisfy her whims. As her daughter, who has been denying of her Mother’s ways of life, I have denied a lot of her whims and have felt greatly disappointed because what I expect of my mother never happen or ever happens. Today I can not deny what has happened or will happen. I have to get off the clouds and come down from the “high expectations” unrealistic world and come down to the living and live my life the way I see fit.

end of discussion


Did I make any sense?? Probably not, LOL

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