My Life Right Now

It has been fairly quiet since I have woke up this morning. That is a nice beginning of a day, isn’t it? I have not heard anyone walk by my apartment door this morning yet. I do have to admit, if I did not get up at 9:15 a.m. this morning, I would probably would be still sleeping, LOL. With the heat index between 100 and 110 today, sleep is not a bad idea really…but I am tired of sleeping, tired of moping about and be in my place. I have been moody and questioning many things this week becauuse being a woman is not always a fun thing. I am so glad that my period is ending actually – until next month anyway. I have this repetitive thing about seeing all my family this summer and I was overwhelmed by the end of all the visiting. I think the only time I was very happy was visiting my brother in PA for five days. I look at what visiting I already did this summer and I did not have a lot of time for myself between visits. My emotions are calming down finally but it is so terribly slow! I think that has a little to do with my period this month coming at a time when things are just beginning to calm down for me making my calming down moments frazzled again! SMILE. I do have to admit that I am feeling better now and I began to feel better Friday. A couple of minutes ago I had heard an apartment door close from someone entering an apartment but I did not hear anyone go by my place.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in four weeks. As I was laying down getting ready to go to sleep, I had realized that the last time I have been to church was a week before our church and several other surrounding churches had campmeeting about two hours away from here in Portage, Wisconisn. I had gone to Campmeeting the last weekend it was going and I had a great time and then I went to PA and after that my mom had popped into town for a couple of days with her husband, and then a day after she left, I saw my dad for a few days. I was overwhelmed…so going to church yesterday was a big treat for me as well as a start of getting back to church after all my visiting.

I am so glad that the visiting is all over with for now and I have time for myself again. I had gotten a little depressed this past week and finally snapped out of it a couple of days ago. I am staying home today because the heat index is very bad and I am NOT going out in the heat at all if I can help it. I hate being depressed because it drags me dowon to a nothingness I can not explain most of the time. I know that a lot of things happen at once sometimes but it really puts a toll on me all the time. Today the day is for sleeping because of the heat and thank goodness for air conditioning to keep things cool here. I do live on the third floor of this apartment complex I live in and heat does rise.

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  1. Hopefully you will have time for yourself to calm down and relax and do what you like. God Bless!

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