Bad Dreams, Nightmares

Okay, when things start getting better for me emotionally this past Friday, I am been combatting bad dreams/nightmares since Saturday night. YIKES! Bad dreams and nightmares always get a negative rise out of me! If I described the nightmarish dreams, all I can say is this:

Dream 1 – Saturday night

A couple of friends and myself were coming up to a house and there was no steps to get inside. When I stood close to the house, the bottom of the door came up to my breasts.

Dream 2 – Sunday night

I was feeling captive in a house. All I could do, to escape whatever was after me was to go from room to room. You could enter one room and exit it by going into another room. The rooms were of a retangle shape, not real big. It was not the same house that I dreamt about the night before.

Dream 3 – Monday night

I was running away from something that was not friendly or a goodthing and everytime I would run into an obstacle, like a wall, I had to turn around and go another way to get away from this not friendly or good thing.


I do have to admit that dreams do not make any sense but they do come from your subconcious mind. I have talked to a friend who told me that somewhere in my mind I am dealing with something that is an issue in my life. The three dreams I dreamt about did not make any sense and nothing very terrible were in them that I could really pick out to be a problem in my life. I have decided not to even deal with such dreams anymore – take stock into dreams. I know dreams are not always a figment of your imagination.

I do know that I have to avoid horror flicks so I do that.

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