Getting Back on Track…

Getting back on track here..FINALLY. I feel I have been so busy since summer began and I have been very busy. Now with the summer more than half over, I can not believe that I will be attending classes again this semester at the nearby college in about four weeks. July is now on its tail end for another year, and I can garauntee that July 2003 will not be the same as July 2002. As the years go grow older, things do change.

For the past two weeks I have been so moody and I am finally back on track with my emotions. No medications were taken during this emotional time and so I do have to admit that medication was questioned. I did have a time with a slight depression. And those nightmares I have been having…probably a way of releasing stress from all that had gone on in my life earlier this summer. In fact, the reason I remember those nightmarish dreams is because I am awakened from them and the dreams are vivid and in color and REMEMBERED! I tihnk now those dreams are over but I will wait and see when I am awakened by another nightmarish dream again…if tonight another dream pups into my life.

Last night I did not get to sleep until after 4 a.m. this morning for some reason. My mind was working on something that can not be explained and is not a conversation piece right now or ever. My body, being a person with cerebral palsy, was not relaxing at an early hour of the night and with the time being 8:28 p.m. now, my body is tired and sleep is going to be easy to find tonight. At least I hope so anyway…that is never a question or a possibility because sleep does get lost when i have troubles relaxing at night because of my cerebral palsy. I did have only five hours of sleep last night and I did take a two hour nap this afternoon with no phone calls or knocking at my door. No sounds were heard. Not one sound…a television, someone passing by my door to get to their apartment(s), not a phone call ringing, no noises from the outside was even heard. Everything was deathly quiet. I did wake up to the television still playing and I do remembering waking up to watch Judgge Judy but I had fallen back to sleep not hearing anything come from the television but waking up before the second show of Judge Judy about to air on television and falling back to sleep again waking up to the news. I had told myself to get up no matter how tired I was and the next thing I know I was on the internet checking for e-mail and writing in my thoughts here on the internet.


I have to go for now. More tomorrow if I find the time. Good night.

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