An Entry Before Midnight

It is only 11:30 here so I still have a half an hour before the next day rolls around. I am not surprised that I am still up and about at this hour on my computer as I have been on my computer all afternoon. Let’s say 6 1/2 hours before 10 p.m.. I had gotten back on line after 10 p.m. and I have already been on it over an hour so it has been 7 hours this day. BOY, the Internet can be addictive…even after having Internet access for about six years, huh? I have been spending many of the hotter days on my computer in my apartment where the heat is not beating down me. The air conditioner is on and keeping my place cool. Emilee (my cat) has been laying on the back of my recliner which is right in front of the AC right now.

My day has been very good. This morning my adoptive Mom Nellie and G went away this morning and afternoon out of town to visit his father for G’s birthday. While they were away, Nellie had asked me to decorate his apartment door for his birthday so I did just that and I had to fix it again later on in the afternoon because either it fell down or someone tore it off the door, the decorations were put back on the door. G and Nellie had arrived back home a little after 8 p.m. where three of us were waiting patiently by Nellie’s apartment door to help end G’s birthday day with more gifts and talk. According to G, he did have a great birthday, and believe me when I say, I am glad he did. Now I am up in my place, should be in bed now, lol, working in the computer once again. It has been on all day long and I have been on it over 7 hrs so far. Now Emilee wants to have time with me…that silly kitty. She just loves to obstruct my view from the monitor or television when I am on the computer or watching television. She walks right in front of me! LOL Emilee will have time with me in a short while but not right this minute when I am busy writing an entry or thought.

I can not say that my day has been boring because it hasn’t. I have been on line for a long time today and really the time spent online today has been the longest in such a long time. Today, except to one person, I have not chatted with anyone I knew online for a while. It was too hot to go anywhere anyway so home I stayed. Emilee and I stayed where it is the most coolest and kept cool all day long. I am soon ready to go bed…I think anyway.

I do have to admit that I have not visited too many Dear Diary pages this weekend or this week and I do feel a little guilty. Please accept my apologies. The diarists know who they are. I am just getting back on track here and life does not seem as hectic as it did from June 25th on to today. I have also been having troubles with my typing fingers on my right hand, which is only the index finger really, for the past three months that I have taken a new route on getting back on track with my typing. I can not sit and type as long as I did until the end of May. I believe May is the time I have begun to notice so changes in my condition (cerebral palsy) so typing has been very low lately. I can’t sit and type for over two hours at a time right now. I have been able to play games for hours though, thankfully.

I do have to go now. I wish everyone a good night and I will be back tomorrow if the weather permits it.

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Dont worry about not getting to my diary. My entries have been very bad lately and I havent beenw writing as much as I should be really. I feel guilty about not writing and not getting to anyone’s diaries either.

    Hope the heat cools down…come to Maine, the weather here is grand. Been warm, but getting rain too. Today is humid and foggy, probably getting rain tonight!!

    Anyway hope your CP gets better : )


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