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I just looked at myself in the mirror and I am definitely a scary sight, LOL My hair is unkempt and my pj’s looked a little crooked, and what I saw was a very lazy me. I have been lazy all day long today and I literally took a nap for over a half an hour. Today’s day was more lazy than yesterday’s lazy day. What a life I live, huh? That is what you get when you do not have anything planned from day to day – nothing to look forward to in life. Oh boy, school sounds so inviting right now truly. I am listening to Judge Judy this afternoon and I wonder how a parent could even sue his or her own child for something so silly as money and such…it is rediculous in my mind anyway. Judge Judy is a good judge.

This afternoon the ambulance came for some reason or another. Why I do not know and I do not care to know unless the person who the ambulance came for tells me herself/himself. I hope, to be very honest with you, that the ambulance did not have to cart anyone away – especially if it is my adoptive Mom or my friend G. I have ridden an ambulance before, as the patient going to the hospital and believe me, it is not a fun ride. In fact, it is real bumpy and very fast. Why I was in the back of an ambulance was because the city bus I was riding to get to work, had almost crashed into a car that went through a red light and my neck was bothered by the real big jolt. Now, four years later, my neck aches off and on and sometimes my neck will not turn all the way to the left with a twinge or two. It is not painful but definitely noticeable. Anyway, I did not hear the ambulance leave as I fell asleep and took my little cat nap while Emilee slept in her house and she is still there.

That has been my day from this morning from my first entry to 4:30 p.m.

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