No More Crowding

Alas, no more crowding while I am on my computer! I have purchased a desk as you have read in my first journal of this day. I know have a kitchen table again where my computer was so tightly together and the amount of room there was very congested. The desk I have purchased was a neighbor’s who got rid of his computer and no longer needed a computer desk. I had looked at the desk before purchasing and it was something was very interested in. Now I have my computer on this beautiful, garage sake item, and there is a lot more room for me to work – either on the computer or just sitting and writing out all my bills. The keyboard is sitting on a drawer like shelf and ,y monitor is up a nit higher than what I am used to but I am gettng used t it very fast because of the shelf was taken down and the monitor was placed on the desk where I can work without using the computer, it would be a little bit congested again. My neck will have to get used to it and it is very fast, too! I even have a shelf where the printer is sitting now and so it is no longer maing things tight now. This desk is the perfect size for me and my place and I love it very much!

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