One of Those Days

Okay, my day started out just wonderful…NOT! As my day got older, so didn’t the rst of me. After my friend Mark had called and told me that his truck was in the shop, I thought that we would have to take a rain check on this day to go grocery shopping and dinner but by 3:15 p.m., he his truck was on the road again and he was on his way to pick me up to go grocery shopping and dinner. Mark and I had decided to go to a restaurant closer to home than his workplace for dinner after we got done with shopping and dropped everything off and put it away but when we got there at the restaurant, there was going to be a fourty-five minute wait until we got a table so we went to another sit down place and ate. I still had my fish and potato and Mark had his sandwich. When we had gotten to the restaurant anyway, I learned that Mark did not like fish! Good timing in telling me because he loves to fish and we were going to a Friday night fish fry as planned even though our plans were changed once again.

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