Ready For My Day Now

I have been up since 8:07 a.m. this morning. Had fed my cat Emilee, took my medications, got the computer up and running for the day, read The Great Controversy book finishing the chapter I began reading last night, got on line to check all my e-mails in various places, ate breakfast of fruit and texas toast. The texas toast bread being a little bit too big for regular toaster, I toasted the bread right in the oven for ten minutes. Don’t worry, the bread DoES NOT get burned in the oven for that length of time. I have done it several times now. I had gotten dressed for the day the minute I got up for the morning because I know I am having someone deliver food to my place at 1 p.m., then i am going to go to lunch with a dear friend who is a former teacher from my middle school days unless something changes between and 2 p.m.. Otherwise, I believe it would be another pajama day onoce again if i did not have anything planned, LOL 😀

It is now 11 p.m. and three hours of my day has already begun. Matlock is on TBS right now but since I have already seen it a dozen or more times, I am just listening to it while I am having fun on my computer before my afternoon gets fairly busy. I can not wait to have Schwans come and deliver the food I have ordered at the beginning of this month. I really think, even though it can get expensive, I get the best quality food I can not get in a grocery store. After the delivery man leaves, I will be going out to dinner with a former teacher friend of mine. What a busy time inbetween time…NOT, LOL It is quiet and not at all busy now. I do have to go now, though. Bye for now.

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