School is Not That Far Behind Now!

School starts tomorrow for me. I am SO very EXCITED and happy. No more sleeping in this week except for Thurday because I am expecting Rose to come to help clean my apartment – At least I think she is coming this Thursday, LOL I really do not have much more to say right now except for the fact that I have some nervousness in my stomach regarding going back to school and my body is aching slightly at the elbows and knees. The ache is slightly unbearable, but what is new with this girl? Really… I will be retiring to bed early tonight and get my body set up for the next nine weeks of going to school four to five days a week and having only the weekends to myself and Emilee Cuddles. In fact, I have NOT SEEN Emilee since 4 p.m. this afternoon when I came back from checking on my neighbor’s cat Oreo for the night Gotta run! Good night everyone!

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