My Day Now Over

It is a little after 9 p.m.. My day is now over. TIme for bed actually. I can not keep my eye open much longer now. It has been a very good day all day long. Quite a few people have made my day go well and smoothly to be very honest with you. To top it off, I am going ot say good nght now and I will be home all day tomorrow so I “try” to find time to write something tomorrow. I do have my cleaning lady coming tomorrow at 11 a.m. or so and then I will be doing some school work and studying. Right now, to be very honest with you, I was going to study tonight but I only got so far as to getting my school bag out of the kitchen into the livingroom and opening the bag to expose the books and papers in it to be reviewed. Emilee is sleeping on the back of the recliner, which I should be doing as well…not sleeping on the bakc of the recliner anyway but be getting into bed for the night. I can barely keep these eyes open really anyway. The television is on the Court TV channel with the program The System airing and I am not really paying attention to it because I am on line writing this entry and what is being discussed tonight is beyond my understanding anyway because I am so tired now from my big, long day. I will be back tomorrow. Bye for now

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