Sometimes Time Does Not Mean Anything

It is going on 9 p.m. here for September 1 and I just realized that time does not have any value right now. Here I thought it was August 31st all day long that the world seemed to be going so fast…and I went shopping for food this morning with my friend Mark for the month of September! See, time does not mean anything here whatsoever. LOL At least I got an entry in for today even though it is late and I did not get to it sooner. Boy is my day really strange. Just a bit ago I was feeling a pressure in my head fighting the fight of knowing that love is here when my mind was trying to tell me differently. That is Satan decieving you that’s for sure. After such a fight, a fight that should have not lasted a few minutes but a second, I feel so tired and ready for bed. Earlier today, at 1 p.m. my friend Catie had come up to watch a movie with me. We watched “A Beautiful Mind” on PPV (Pay Per View) and it was such a good movie. I loved it. Was it based on a true story?

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