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it is now 7:35 p.m. and time is definitely going by fast right now. I thought, before it rained some more tonight with possible thunder involved, I would quickly write an entry or two before retiring to bed for the night. Dealing with a slight headache right now, sleep tonight become a little hard to find tonight I do not really know. I am getting tired now and my eyes are becoming droopy but not too tired enough to “not care” about anything. I just had one of those days today I guess where the weather has affected my body somewhat to a noticeable affect.

Remember some time back, in a later entry, I had written something about a neighbor and I having some differences? Well, today this afternoon, our differences have been laid aside and the neighbor seems to be in a good mood now and again. Seeing her, at first, made my heart skip a beat of unesureness but we did speak to each other kindly and lovingly. My noise must not be a problem to her anymore and whatever noise I was making before has been just ordinary living noises you can not help, LOL Maybe I was being a little noisy some days ago by asking her too many times if I was being noisy. Personally, I think that is what really happened, LOL I won’t even ask her anymore if I am noisy and if she has a problem with my noise, she will tell me or the manager and then the manager will tell me herself. SMILE! I am NOT afraid of my neighbor anymore, YEAH!

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  1. It can be difficult sometimes to get along with neighbors. I’m glad you could work things out. That was half the reason we did eventually buy a house, because no matter what we tried, we couldn’t. Good thing your neighbor isn’t like that.


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