Wet, Wet, Soaked, and Chilly

This is going to be a short entry and I am hoping that I will have a chance to get on again today to write more. I noticed it was raining before I left for school this morning but I did not “think” that I needed my umbrella because I was getting a ride to school by my neighbor. OOPS! I should have brought it. It was raining very hard when we got to school that actually we were going against the rain when we were driving down the road to school and it was going up the window instead of down. That was cool! What was NOT SO COOL was the fact I did not bring along my umbrella for traveling from car to building. I got soaked! LOL 🙁 Now I am drying off, slowly of course, and I am feeling a little chilled right now. The rain is getting into my bones and I am feeling stiff and achy but no fever or extensive pain. I am, if I get sick, going to be paying the price for not bringing along my umbrella.

Author: ksmiley

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