You Know That Feeling

I have this feeling inside that makes me wonder if something is up or isn’t right? Well, I have this feeling that a certain friendship is really a friendship or does not really exist. That scares me sometimes when I really think about it in depth and have seen how this particular friend acts out of habit. I know people do things to get attention sometimes and I know of a person who really did that very thing while she lived here at Teamster Manor. Just the other day I had a feeling that this particular friend of mine, if she is a “true” friend, that she wants me to come between her and my friend Mark who once dated her thanks to me who introduced them one evening in my home. I do, somewhat, regret ever putting my friend, if she is a “true” friend, and my friend Mark together because of the trouble it caused. I felt like I was stuck in the middle. I am no longer feeling stuck in the middle because Mark and my friend are no longer dating, but I still get questioned, “have I talked ot Mark?” The other night I had a feeling that jealousy was playing a part in my friend’s life. Mark and I have been good friends for ten years now and friends is all our relationship is. I love Mark, yes, but only as a dear, close, friend, like a sister to a brother. That is how far our relationship is and it has been maintained for ten years! I do not want to date Mark for one good reason and that is, we are two people who just connect because we have some things in common. If my friend is jealous, she has something to work out and I can not say anything further than that. i just have a feeling that something does not feel right and I hate those feelings even though they have been happening a lot lately. Did I make any sense?

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