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I am not going to be on long but I had to keep my promise as to writing in my journal later after getting home from school. It is 5:30 p.m. now and it is kind of rainy and thunderstorms are likely tonight. We already had a little bit of lightning and thunder this early afternoon. Mark had taken me grovery shopping at Woodman’s on the other side of town – the north side and as we were coming back I saw lightning light up a part of town nearby my apartment complex. Then, shortly after I got home, I had heard rumbles of thunder but not loud claps but thunder is yet coming tonight throughout the night. I hate to be on line or have my computer up and running, even asleep really, while it is storming outdoors. The sun has finally set for the night though.

In a while I am going to hop in the shower and allow the heat of the water hit my tired body and get cleaned up a bit. I need to wash my hair for tomorrow. Since I get up early Mondays and Wednesdays (6:30 a.m.), I do not take a shower or make excessive noise while other neighbors are still asleep or trying to. Our apartment complex here has real thin walls and noise does carry here. Sometimes, with the neighbor who is not able to hear well, i can hear her television on in her apartment as if it is out in the hallway and she is across the hall from me. The insolation must not be that good here.

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