Friday Night Thoughts

Oh my goodness, I can not really find the words to write in my journal tonight really. For a person who loves to write, that can sometimes be considered “writer’s block”, but tonight I have to admit that it is not at all ‘writer’s block”. I wish I could say that, but then it would be lying and I would be deceiving those who read my entries now and then. Tonight I am just having a hard time putting ALL my thoughts in writing. Everything seems to be mixed up and yet are able to be found in my mind. I have been looking forward to the week to end and the weekend to begin. As bad as my week was, the weekend was looking more pleasant than the week itself but after Wednesday, my week began to get better as each minute passed. Today, all day, I have noticed that everything seemed to be falling into place instead of out of place. After being a so-called victim of other people’s gossip and rumors, I really did not know what to think at first except cry, be angry, and be confused to why people can be so cruel and nasty no matter how nice you are to them. I have cried many tears since October 1st because I had lost a dear friend, Christine, to cancer and then I was seeing everything else fall out of place from that day forward. Now the tears have been relieved and no more tears are shed at this time. I had talked to Nellie Mom about what was on my mind last night for the past few days and after talking to her about what was on my mind, I did not realize it until after I got to school that a big burden was lifted off my heart and mind. Once again Nellie Mom has made things better. Nellie Mom is a special person in my life.

I feel that this week has been a merry-go-round all week long. It did not start out so well and it ended just great. I have learned that I have one great teacher up in heaven and that is God. No matter what happened this week in my life, I went to school to all my classes even though I felt like staying home and hiding in my apartment all day and night. I feel that I have accomplished something big in my life. I am such an emotional person at times and yet as emotional as I am, I can yet smile. I have, just like everyone else, endured so much in life and yet I am still here and alive and doing fine. I believe that Satan, that horrible deceiving angel of light, really got a hold of me this week. I am SO GLAD that my world is now sunny again even though the weather outdoors is cold and rainy and gloomy. I am afraid that winter has arrived here and it is not a very pleasant time of year for me. Oh well.

Even though I have had a merry-go-round kind of week, I do have to admit that I am doing well in school. I got all my mid-term grades today and I have four satisfactories in my four classes. I am a VERY happy person today. YES! The class had gotten their homework back from our algebra teacher today for set 5 and I got an 80%, a B-,, and I am VERY happy. It is close to a C but HEY, I can not argue on the two C’s I have gotten in algebra at this time when the rest are B’s. I am VERY happy. Also, the other day I took a test for basic skills math and I had not done so well and I got a 64% so I had reviewed what I did wrong with the instructor and took the first retake and I found out today I got an 80%, which is something I did not expect really. Now I can go on with the next unit and the next unit I will be doing will be algebra. I just love algebra! COOL! I have been working VERY hard on getting the grades I have been getting.

My week is ending out wonderfully. It is almost ironic to have my week beginning so not so wonderful and end out just wonderful!!

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  1. *~Kristie~*

    Good to hear "things are falling into place" for you. Thats good your week has ended beautifully too. Mine has been an up and down roller coaster. Dont have much to say excpet glad things are going well and I hope and pray they continue to!


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