Just Rambling

I do have to admit that I might be boring tonight but who cares.

My day has ended not too long ago and I have been on line for the past 2 hrs and 36 minutes now and it is Saturday night now. It is a little after 10 p.m.. My Grandfather Clock is rght here by me that I keep looking at the time at it says 8:06 right now. I stopped the clock so in the morning I will start it up again when daylight’s savings time officially begins Tonight is daylight’s savings time and we have gauned an hour of sleep…YEAH! Now watch me get up at 5 a.m. in the morning to get ready for school when Monday morning rolls around. I tried to sleep in this morning but onlly a half an hour of sleeping in happened, LOL. I went to church this morning and had a great time. Today was communion services at my church and I am SO GLAD I did not miss another communion Sabbath. I will be back. I am going to put my bed down for the night since it is really bed time. …10:11 p.m.. …I am back now…10:15 p.m. I just got the bed put down for the night and I have taken my medication so bed is soon coming. I just took a sleeping pill. Since my friend Christine passed away, falling asleep naturally has been somewhat limited for some reason. At least I sleep well once I fall asleep anyway.

My day has been quiet and rewarding in a two hour nap. Sleep at 10 p.m. is hard to find tonight, LOL I had a slight headache when I woke up this afternoon from my nap that I had to take two Tylenol to take care of it! I hate those things now and then…those headaches.

Well, tomorrow will soon come. I better go for now. I am about to get sleepy anyway. Good night and thanks for letting me ramblle tonight. I will be back tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed HOPEFULLY…LOL Of course I will. Night!

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2 thoughts on “Just Rambling”

  1. *~Kristie~*

    Daylight Savings Time, thank god an extra hour of sleep!!

    I havent been to church since I was 8…that is because I’m not Catholic, Christian, Protestant or Buddah or anything of the sort. I am a different religion which people were killed and punished for for the past lifetime. Anyway, I am pagan/wiccan…

    Besides that…at least your getting sleep, for me, sleep does not come easy, whether I take my melatonin to help me sleep or not. My headaches last all day, from the first 5 minutes I wake up to the minute I fall asleep. Sometimes its worse and they become migraines…For that is why I am going to the doctors monday.

    Well night night


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