Interrogation of Michael Crowe…

Now I remember the story. I know now what happened to the “real” Michael Crowe. The story I watched tonight was based on a true story. Also, I had made an error in the last entry saying that it was Michael’s older sister was killed when Michael is the oldest and his sister Stephanie was twelve years old. I watched the movie and practically got lost into it. It was a story that made me have mixed feelings but I do not know who is to blame for Michael’s sister’s murder. Did Michael Crowe do it? Did this Richard person do it? I have no clue even though I disagree with the way the police and the interrogation process was handled. That was awful to be very honest with you. But did Michael Crowe really kill his sister Stephanie? Apparently, to the understanding of what I read a few minutes ago, Michael was found innocent…am I right?

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