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I am sorry that I didn’t write in my journal yesterday. It was my first day of school for the semester and plus I haven’t been feeling that great since Saturday night bcause of a bad cold. I am feeling better today but my first days of school I did not feel so good so my day just moved by slowly making the classes I attended yesterday feel like they dragged on and on. Despite my physical being on feeling well, I did have a good day mentally and emotionally. I would not have gone to school, my first day, if I had a fever which crept up on in after supper but left before midnight, but sleep was not found whatsoever! I had lost sleep Saturday and Sunday night that last night was the first night I slept eight+ hours. I did sleep on the couch last night with my head propped up slightly so I could breathe. It was a tad uncomfortable but I slept through the night pretty much without too much trouble. I am going to try to sleep in my bedroom tonight with my head propped up slightly. Hopefully I do not get a neck or head ache! Kristi smiles

I did not get on my computer at all yesterday after I got home. I did not feel good enough to do so, and I did not want to. I did not feel like it anyway. I am not even sure, at this time, if I will get on my computer at home when I get home this afternoon from school. I am feeling the “I want to” and I don’t want to” battle go on and off in my head. Having my computer shut off last night was a quiet welcome even more so. It was pretty nice.

It is almost time for me to go to my Keyboarding class so I am signing off for now. I might be back later. Who knows, I might beat the battle of “I want to” or “I do not want to” and get on line for a while this afternoon after I get home. Kristi smiles

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