Abuse at DD?

YIKES! I did not see this coming but I do know that there have been some issues at DD as far as comments are concerned. I did not know that other writers here at Dd would impersonate others to get by to leave a comment at someone’s diary. It is sad that we can not all work together and be friendly to each other but I know that not everyone fits in the same group. I still find it sad. I have been here for a long time now and I plan on staying here for as long as I am able to be online. I know that not everyone will read my diary entries or leave a comment if they do read. My life is being shared with the world because I want it to be shared. What I do not write about is not so private but my life does have places where it is no else’s business but my own. I am here because I enjoy reading and writing and writing in a journal is what I love to do on a regular basis but I will not tolerate abuse of any kind to anyone whether it is leaving comments with vulgar language. I do not allow swearing in my journal entries or Dear Diary commentors. I know that swearing is in a lot of entries so I overlook them or do not read any further through the diary entry but I do allow other diarists their freedom of speech butabuse because someone impersonates another person? That has gone too far and it is something I do not like or care for whatsoever. I know there are going to be people who will not like what I have said here and that is okay. We are all entitled to our opinions and that is ok here. Now I will have to wait patiently for Atomic Systems to enable the feature again after they have solved the problem at hand just like everyone else. How I found out that leaving a comment at a diarists entry was when I was trying to comment to her journal entry and couldn’t because of a problem that is yet not resolved. If the “leaving a comment” feature is not turned on., I will live with it and still stay and write my entries. But because of someone else’s issue, everyone else here at Dear Diary will have to be unable to write a comment or two at someone’s diary entry. It seems that there is always one rotten apple in the bunch that ruins it for everyone else! I can not believe that everyone can not get along with everyone else. This world is too big to have such problems like this. Some problems do not get resolved and I hope that this one does. Don’t people realize that impersonating someone else is a crime in depending on how a person impersonates? Come on people!!!

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