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I was talking to my mom earlier about something that I read earlier in the day. She wonders why people would even bother writing their every thought on the internet for the whole world to see when Satan knows everything and can see what each person feels and so on. Satan can then torment or know what that person has a conflict with. Here I am, one of those people who writes my thoughts in a very personal or general way for the whole world to see. That is her opinion. It is not because of my mom’s opinion about writing in a public journal, but I am already very careful about what I write and say as I write. Satan is a good deceiver yes. That I agree about. I find writing my thoughts, personal or not, a way of relieving stress and discomfort on my mind even though it may take a couple of days to get over the problem. Sometimes I wonder how people can write what they write. Some things are, to me, so personal that the whole world does not need to know. Someone talking about having sex or wanting to have sex is really personal – something I do not care to read or write about but everyone is different. I am one person who likes to write about personal experiences that happen around me. i am such an emotional person at times especially when my hormones are going whacky.

Speaking of emotional…I got emotional today. I told my friend Mark about what I felt when I spoke to her mother briefly. His mother’s tone of voice sounded like I had no right calling her when I asked if Mark was there. She said, “He just left.” The way she said it seemed to me I had no reason to call him there if he had his own cell phone. I called him then at his cell phone and I told him how I felt. He understood how I felt but I am no longer gping to call his parents unless I really have to from now on. I know I may have taken her tone of voice wrong but it surely sounded like she did not want me calling her son there. For goodness sakes, Mark lives under his parents roof and does need to abide by their rules to some point, but controling his every move?? No way! I do not think his parents would do that but from talking to Mark today his mother has gotten control of his life almost entirely. My goodness!!! Oh well, just like everything else in my life, I will get over it! I always do. What a life I live sometimes…BORING! “SMILE”

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