Some People Are Rude!!

Honestly some people are very rude! Oh well… You’re probably wondering why I even mentioned this just now. I won’t give names out or anything and anyway U do not know the person or persons except the fact that one of my friends know her. My friend and I were eating lunch down in the commons (cafeteria) and a girl came up behind her and said boo a little bit too loudly. It scared my friend a bit and it was not very funny although the girl who did it thought it was. Also, the same girl rudely talked to my friend a couple of times. I thought that the behavior was rediculous and immature very definitely. Also, where the girl was sitting was among three others who were boys, the boys were making fun of me. The one kid, a graduate in 2002, was yet a little duckling in college so the behavior was somewhat justified but crazy. KIDS! Some kids are rude these days.

Author: ksmiley

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